Professional Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning 服务s in 莱克伍德, Colorado

As Colorado residents know all too well, summers can be dry and hot and winters frigid and snowy. 丹佛地区的天气变化无常, a reliable heating and cooling system is one of the essential aspects of any home.

除了易胜博备用网址自己的个人舒适, 然而, 丹佛-area 暖通空调系统s should be working properly and remain worry-free. Proper maintenance of your 暖通空调系统 to prevent any safety issues for your family is an essential step for 莱克伍德 homeowners. The professional technicians at 层服务 are here to make sure the 暖通空调系统 in your 莱克伍德 home is operating safely and efficiently to ensure your comfort.


在考虑丹佛地区的暖通空调服务时, 请记住,地平线服务公司是本地拥有的, 已经在这个地区服务了20多年. Our technicians are fully trained and insured in the state of Colorado and our services will ensure your home remains safe. We are backed by the Better Business Bureau and are guaranteed to provide your home with preventive maintenance and repair services that will keep your home safe and comfortable.

The Trane products we install are backed by the manufacturer’s limited warranty of up to 12 years on some parts. The warranty transfers with any sale of your home and provides your property with a boost in value. Our technicians are certified to maintain and repair Trane systems and will give you the best 莱克伍德 has to offer.


科罗拉多的夏天很热, and ensuring your home’s air conditioning system remains in tip-top shape is essential for surviving a long, 折磨人的夏天. 莱克伍德的地平线服务公司 offers numerous air conditioning services to make your summers in 莱克伍德 more pleasant.



An air conditioner breakdown in the dead of summer can be a nightmare. It is our mission to ensure that any issues with your home’s air conditioner are resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. Call 莱克伍德的地平线服务公司 to perform an inspection if your air conditioner presents either of the following issues:

•空调正在吹室温空气. 在炎热的夏天, you want the air coming out of your A/C vents to be much cooler than the ambient temperature of your home. Repairs may be necessary to return the temperature to a cooler level.

•空调气流微弱. 不管空气是否凉爽, weak airflow is a sign of problems with your air conditioner and repairs may be necessary.

在这两种情况下, a technician can perform a service call at your 莱克伍德 home and inspect your system, 以及进行必要的维修.


Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home without an air conditioner or have decided to invest in a quality air conditioner for your existing home, 莱克伍德的地平线服务公司可以提供帮助. Our technicians are well-versed in the ins and outs of air conditioner installation in the 丹佛 area, 并将提供快速, 可靠的安装服务,根据您的要求. Our installation services are geared toward keeping your home comfortable while providing the maximum in energy saving benefits.



Regular maintenance is key to avoiding those exhausting summer air conditioning breakdowns and can prevent more costly repairs down the line. 安排日常服务 层服务 来确保你的系统正常运行. Our technicians will inspect the unit to make sure it is working properly, 以及在系统崩溃之前解决任何问题.


Heater breakdowns in the dead of a Colorado winter can present both a comfort and a safety issue for you and your family. 莱克伍德的地平线服务公司 has the trained technicians you can trust to provide your heating system with the attention it needs before, 在, 在崩溃之后. 易胜博备用网址的技术人员在莱克伍德提供以下服务:



Winter is the last time you want to deal with heater malfunctions and breakdowns, but the trained technicians at 莱克伍德的地平线服务公司可以提供帮助 before your system stops working altogether. 以下是即将崩溃的常见迹象:

•无法解释的取暖费上涨. If your system is having trouble maintaining the temperature set by your thermostat, it may need to run constantly to provide the same amount of heat to your home. This increase in run-time will show an increase in your energy bill.

•旧炉. As your heating system ages, it will likely require maintenance and repairs more frequently. An uptick of service calls may indicate that your furnace isn’t aging well.

•奇怪的噪音. 原因不明的, 暖气系统发出的奇怪声音,比如砰砰声, 卡嗒卡嗒的, and rumbling can indicate an issue with one of the parts of your heating system.


Maintenance is an essential part of making sure your heating system will carry you comfortably through the harshest Colorado winters. Our team of technicians will inspect your system and notify you of any preventive maintenance or repairs that should be made. 无论你家里有什么型号的暖通空调系统, 莱克伍德的地平线服务公司可以提供帮助 keep it in excellent working order.


如果你的系统需要更换, 莱克伍德的地平线服务公司 is proud to offer Trane systems and the trained technicians that can expertly install them. Our technicians can walk through your home and provide you with heating solutions that are individually crafted to your 莱克伍德 home. Let us help you make sure every winter spent in your home is a comfortable one.


不管你的暖气和空调需要什么, 莱克伍德的地平线服务公司 is here to make sure you are experiencing the ultimate in comfort, 安全性和可靠性. 打电话给易胜博备用网址询问以上所有的服务,以及更多.

To schedule an appointment for services, installation, or inspection, call us or fill out our 在线联系方式.